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DfT Conditions

The following conditions are specified in the DfT requirements for this course
  • DfT course level CASP (Cargo Aviation Security Principles) is mandatory for any person you employ who has access to secure air cargo or mail.
  • Staff in other DfT categories (see DfT Regulations) require further training.
  • This course is generic and covers the main DfT requirements for staff in this category. Requirements specific to your location, and company procedures, will require further training.
  • The trainee must have the necessary aptitude and skills to undertake this course.
  • The course must be taken in a suitable environment and on suitable equipment, e.g. in a classroom, office, or other location that provides conditions for effective learning.
  • No member of the public should be able to see, hear, or have access to the content of the course.
  • Trainees are not permitted to work together or collude in taking the course, including the end of course test.
  • Only the nominated trainee may take the course and complete the end of course test.
  • After the trainee has completed the security training appropriate to their job, you, or your nominated security manager, must be satisfied that the trainee has the necessary competencies to fulfil their duties effectively. This decision must be formally recorded on the employee's training record.